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Lizzie's Secret


Lizzie was attacked and abused when she was fourteen years old.  The brutal attack left her with a huge gap in her memory.  On the advice of the psychiatrist, Uncle Jack kept the truth of Lizzie's attack from her.  No one could have guessed the terrible tragedy that this would cause or the unhappiness it would bring.


When Lizzie finally understands just what happened to her it is too late for her to avert the events that will shape her life and bring great sadness.


Yet she is a brave, talented girl and perhaps her courage and spirit wil bring her through to a happier life.



Read Lizzie's Secret in April and then look forward to the thrilling sequel in September 2016.


Lizzie's Secret tells the story of two young girls working in the first months and years of WWII

and Lizzie's War tells of the perils of the Blitz for vulnerable young women

Lizzie's Secret Final Cover